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Home Alarm Systems Pickering That Work For You
When you're concerned about protecting what you love the most, it stands to reason you’ll be looking at home alarm systems Pickering that stand above the crowd. Whether you decide on a wired or wireless system, Grand Alarms is the place that is dedicated to 100% satisfaction and peace of mind for each of our Pickering clients.

We offer a fine selection of the kind of home alarm systems people are looking for. Of course, that includes modern innovations that allow for live video feeds from your property when you are away.

The Alarm Companies Pickering With Outstanding Customer Service
Requesting a free in-home assessment that will point you in the right direction for the home security alarms you need is as simple as clicking the button on our website. If you need a service call, that’s as easy as filling out the handy contact form we've provided for your convenience. We’re the leaders when it comes to alarm companies Pickering with outstanding customer service.

You want to be proactive where your home security is involved so we also offer a free lawn sign that will warn any prospective burglars you're protected by one of our thorough and comprehensive systems. Customer testimonials are one of the ways you can find out what other people just like you are saying and thinking about our company. We’ve got homeowner reviews from the reputable HomeStar Reviews website and from the folks that have written to us directly.

Smart Home Monitoring Pickering That Keeps You In Touch
Our smart home monitoring Pickering packages are some of the most innovative in the business and we offer a variety of different features including a smartphone app that can turn your lights on and off when you're away.

Grand Alarms Smart Home Lighting allows you to remotely control the time of day when the lights come off and on to always give the appearance someone is home even when you're at work or away at the cottage. When you combine this feature with the user-friendly Smart Home Interactive Portable Touch Pad, you'll quickly see why Grand Alarms is considered a leader in home security protection.

Grand Alarms is a smart home monitoring Pickering company that understands what the modern family needs in the way of sophisticated, reliable home security systems. Why not get in touch today so we can help you get started with a free in-home risk assessment?