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Home Alarm King City

A Variety of Home Alarm Systems King City Choices
Grand Alarms wants to be sure our valued clients get exactly what they need in the way of home alarm systems in King City. That’s why we pride ourselves on having a great variety that includes wireless and wired systems so you can get the package that suits your budget and needs, whether you're shopping for your home or business.

As the name suggests, our wired home security capabilities incorporate a series of carefully hidden wires that run to a central control panel. These wires are often connected to motion sensors and other features in and around your home to offer a complete umbrella of home security. 

Getting the most from home security is about having a variety to choose from and that's why we also offer wireless technology here at Grand Alarms. The small radio transmitters that are the focal point of this system are highly efficient and trustworthy. It doesn't matter whether you're looking at wired or wireless options, our home alarm systems King City are backed by an outstanding customer service department.

Excellent Alarm Companies King City Have Business Options Too
If we want to call ourselves one of the better alarm companies King City, we know it's important to offer our business clients options to keep their enterprises safe and secure. That's why we offer several different choices when it comes to small business and commercial grade alarm systems that have interactive capabilities designed to cut inventory losses and shrinkage.

These come complete with the ability to arm and disarm the entire system remotely and the advantage of real-time video feeds whereby you can keep a close eye on your business even when you're away.

Smart Home Monitoring King City With Smart Lock Technology
Imagine being suddenly called away and remembering you forgot to unlock your doors to allow your neighbour to take care of your pets at home? What would happen if you were in a business meeting and a contractor needed to get inside to stop a leaky pipe at your house? Neither scenario is a problem with smart home monitoring King City technology that incorporates Grand Alarms Smart Locks. This is the technological breakthrough whereby you can open and close your doors from anywhere in the world with a simple tap of an app on your smartphone. Our interactive cameras also make it easy to watch what visitors are doing when they are inside your home alone.