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Premier Home Alarm Systems Newmarket
Grand Alarms is all about making sure we only sell premier home alarm systems Newmarket to our valued clients there and in the surrounding GTA area. It’s important to us our customers not only get the best home alarm systems Newmarket, but that they are familiar and comfortable with all the operations keeping their families safe and secure. For example, although the PTK5507 TouchScreen Security Interface might sound complicated and intimidating to someone not used to the technology, we’ve made it simple, easy to use and attractive. This is the unit that has a great clock feature and you can even customize the wallpaper and home screen so it fits with your décor.

We’re The Alarm Companies Newmarket Leader
One of the things that separates our company from the competition is our outstanding customer support. Because we are so interested and dedicated to keeping up-to-date and on the cutting edge of innovation, you can read our blog anytime to find out the latest home alarm and technology news for alarm companies Newmarket. Don’t forget you can request a service call anytime since we’re always ready to respond with our friendly, knowledgeable technicians who understand everything about business, home alarms and even the latest in smart home monitoring. We’re the alarm companies Newmarket leader because we’ve made it our business to know everything there is to know about the security and home alarm business.

Our Smart Home Monitoring Newmarket Is Cutting Edge
When you start looking at the latest innovations like smart home monitoring Newmarket, it’s good to know we’ve spent time and effort putting together a winning package here at Grand Alarms. We understand today’s client wants to be able to access their home security system remotely and they even want to be able to go so far as to arm or disarm the system with their smartphone. Our smart home monitoring Newmarket systems are cutting edge because even the smart locks we provide allow you to control who gets in and out of your house no matter how far you are away from home. The Grand Alarms Interactive Touch Pad is another reason why we’re considered one of the industry leaders in the smart home monitoring Newmarket arena. You get a wonderful 7 inch touchscreen so you can keep on top of your home security as well as the ability to access web content like news and sports.