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Home Alarm Systems Ajax

Home Alarm Systems Ajax Include Door and Window Contacts
The idea for having comprehensive home alarms systems Ajax is making sure our valued clients are covered from every conceivable angle. At Grand Alarms, we understand the thieves who would want to burglarize your home can come in through the windows and doors when the house is empty, or even when you’re sleeping at night. That’s one reason we include rechargeable, long lasting lithium batteries with our alarm products.

As part of your comprehensive home alarm systems Ajax, the Grand Alarms interactive solution includes a brand-new smartphone app that will help you to stay connected. Our technical support library includes all the information you'll need to stay safe and secure, including 24 hour support because we want our loyal customers to know we're always available.

We’re The Leader For Wireless Alarm Companies Ajax
Here at Grand Alarms, we've taken the time to perfect our wireless technology so the chances of a false alarm going off have been drastically reduced. The wireless keypad we offer affords you the luxury of having a command post where you can orchestrate your entire home alarm system from one location.

Our 2-way wireless touchscreen arming station is another one of the features we are especially proud of here at Grand Alarms. Among the many innovations this product offers is a user-friendly touchscreen whereby you can orchestrate your entire alarm companies Ajax system with just the tips of your fingers, as well as a night light and round-the-clock battery back up.

Keep in mind, the wireless touchscreen can be installed anywhere in the house or moved at your convenience when you decide on a better location.

Smart Home Monitoring Ajax Puts You In Charge From Anywhere
One of the most interesting things about the smart home monitoring Ajax products we offer is the fact our clients have the power to arm or disarm the entire home security system with just a tap of their smartphone, but there's more.

By using our innovative solutions, valued customers in Ajax and the GTA area can unlock their front doors when they’re away so neighbours can get inside to look after pets, or make it convenient for contractors to enter the house when they need to start working.

It's easy to get started and the first step to getting a comprehensive smart home monitoring Ajax system is contacting us to get a free risk assessment today.