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Home Alarm Systems Brampton Providing The Best Price and Protection
One of the things we’re most proud of here at Grand Alarms is our ability to be flexible and provide home alarm systems Brampton with a variety of different components that can even work remotely. Beyond these home alarm systems we consider to be the best in the business, we offer other interesting features like the ability to control the lights at your house with just a click of the app we provide for your smartphone.

Grand Alarms Smart Home Lighting allows you to use your smartphone or laptop to turn the lights in your house off and on, or even dim them when you aren’t home. It’s just another feature of the comprehensive home alarm systems Brampton packages we offer.

We’re The Alarm Companies Brampton Leader
Grand Alarms is considered the leader when it comes to alarm companies Brampton innovation for several different reasons, not the least of which is the ability they give clients to arm or disarm their home security system remotely. When the company says they can make your life easier, they really mean it.

With this particular remote arm or disarm feature, you can let your neighbour into your house to feed your pets and watch them on your live camera while they do it, and then arm the system after they leave.

We Provide Smart Home Monitoring Brampton That’s Outstanding
Another strong point here at Grand Alarms is the fact we like to stay on top of all the latest innovations including what’s state-of-the-art in smart home monitoring Brampton. The Smart Home Interactive Portable Touch Pad is one of the featured products we are most proud of for a variety of different reasons, including the convenience of a 7 inch touch screen that will keep you apprised of everything your live interactive cameras are seeing.

What makes it more interesting is the fact the touch pad can pick up web content so you can get everything from live traffic reports to the news at any time. It's just another one of the services we provide for smart home monitoring Brampton. Here at Grand Alarms, we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and of course that includes a variety of social media portals like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter you can use to contact us and stay in touch long after we've installed your home alarm system.